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Have you already come across our slogan? Paper with Passion. We have been making paper for 111 years (History). Originally, it was newspaper printing paper, today we are amongst the top manufacturers of wet-strength labels and our market share in Europe stands at some 30 percent! Our portfolio includes high-quality packaging papers, image printing paper and specialist products for graphic applications. In outstanding quality. Our aim is that Feldmuehle is always the best choice for our customers.

Feldmuehle Uetersen is located in Uetersen, near Hamburg. The paper mill is one of the largest industrial plants in the county of Schleswig Holstein. Two paper machines provide an annual production capacity of about 250.000 tons. Ongoing investments in state-of-the-art machinery and technology guarantee efficient production, fine-tuned logistics and customised delivery service.

Challenge us with an ambitious task that has no ready-made solution. We will find one. Innovation is our second passion and the creative niche is our second home. We would even claim to not being aware of any factory worldwide that can master so many developments in paper and machine configurations in so short a time and at such high quality as Feldmuehle. Back in the SME sector, having split from our longstanding owner Stora Enso, it is especially now, we are streamlined, agile and customer-oriented. Being released from the corporate strategies of a large group, we can again fully utilize our entire potential - flexibly, courageously and reliably!

It is astonishing how many of our 430 employees are working for Feldmuehle in the second generation. Why do parents suggest joining Feldmuehle to their children? Because they are proud of the products that they manufacture. Because they can sense the team spirit and because they can develop with us and advance into senior positions. This is also one aspect of the sustainability that we emphasize across the board. Please find below the link to our certificates concerning quality, environment and energy. However, there is one figure we would already like to reveal to you here. In 2015 our accident rate with downtime per one million working hours was just 10.3 (whereas the industry average stood at 17.2 in 2014), just showing how much we focus on employees’ safety. Their expertise and motivation are our greatest asset. We are proud of all this, but we are not resting on our laurels. We look back on a long tradition. Now we are carrying the values associated with our great name on into the future. We are Feldmuehle and we make Paper with Passion!

Feldmuehle Certificates


Feldmuehle Board Solutions covers SBS board suitable for a wide range of packaging and graphical end uses, such as folding boxes, covers, folders, cards, tags, tickets, posters, game cards and shopping bags.

Feldmuehle Liner Options includes graphic top liner for various corrugation and laminating techniques. It is ideal for high-impact packaging, sales trays and displays as well as graphical applications.

Feldmuehle Labelling Applications comprise leading-edge label papers that have become industry standards for returnable and non-returnable packaging containers for the beverage, food and non-food industry.


Feldmuehle Flexible Packaging offers a wide range of papers with intelligent features for sales-driving packaging for many segments, including food, non-food and pet food as well as technical and electronic equipment.

Feldmuehle Graphical Printing includes gloss and silky art paper suitable for a wide range of graphical end uses, such as art books, books, brochures, catalogues, covers, folders, inserts, magazines, posters.


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